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  1. -[IDS]- VS (A.S.S) <---- INSTAGIB
  2. (A.S.S) vs BallsOut
  3. (A.S.S) vs [UNR]
  5. (A.S.S) vs [UNR]
  6. t! VS A.S.S <---IG CTF-->
  7. (A.S.S) vs [UNR] - ONS
  8. dm
  9. Scrim Request
  10. 2k3 vs 2k4..??
  11. A.S.S vs. DcW
  12. vVv VS (A.S.S) <IG CTF PIG/S.S.>
  13. I would like to challenge........
  14. {HOG} Vs. (A.S.S) IG FREEZE TAG
  15. BallsOut vs Ass
  16. Upcoming CTF PIG Matches / FEB. '06
  17. Newest Upcoming IG CTF PIG Matches -March 06
  18. IG SCRIM
  19. you have been selected.
  20. SS IG vs PIG IG CTF Challenge! Sat. June 17, 06 10:00PM EST
  22. Not sure where to post this - IGDM?
  23. freezetag ladder
  24. aox vs ass
  25. uXc VS. A.S.S
  26. 2K4 Zark 1v1 DM Ladder
  27. Hello from [=Ani=]
  28. Hello from uXc
  29. Upcoming Matches
  30. Twat Rescheduled Tommorrow's Match
  31. I updated the clan Calendar for the weeks scrims
  32. (=X=) vs (A.S.S) Clan Match [IS TONIGHT]
  33. [ARC] vs (A.S.S) ZARK/PIG CTF SCRIM - Sun 8/26 7:30 Eastern
  34. (D) vs (A.S.S) is (This)SUNDAY at 7:00PM Eastern 09-09-07 PIG MATCH
  35. (D) vs (A.S.S) is (This)SUNDAY at 9:00PM Eastern 09-23-07 PIG MATCH
  36. [ARC] vs (A.S.S) is (This)SUNDAY at 7:00PM Eastern 09-30-07 PIG/ZARK MATCH
  37. (=X=) vs (A.S.S) is (This)THURSDAY at 9:00PM Eastern 10-04-07 PIG
  38. [X3] vs. (A.S.S) PIG CTF SCRIM on SUNDAY Oct. 7th at 9:00PM
  39. Matches/Challenges//Scrims
  40. Reminder that tomorrow (Thursday 10-11-07) Is the AOX rematch scrim
  41. [X3] vs. (A.S.S) PIG CTF scrim 10:00PM Tomorrow 10-14-07
  42. BR in UT3
  43. (A.S.S) Has been challenged...
  44. [ARC] VS. (A.S.S)
  45. IGS clan Tournament sign up!!!
  46. (A.S.S) vs. *SGR* Clan This Saturday Night 10:00PM Eastern (May 10th) PIG CTF
  47. (A.S.S) vs. {DMG} TDM Saturday May 24th at 9:00PM Eastern
  48. ASS vs BoM
  49. A.S.S vs DIË
  50. [WTF] looking for a rumble
  51. syn. versus (A.S.S) iCTF SS Friday <04_03_2009>
  52. [MZK] vs. (A.S.S) Match!! ZARK TDM (Friday May 1st 2009)
  53. BR rematch with DIE!
  54. UT2k4 Camper Sniper Clan Rumble!?
  55. A.S.S vs DIË BR Scrim- Sunday May 24th 9:00PM EST
  56. A.S.S vs DIË BR/iCTF mixed Scrim- Sunday May 31st 9:00PM EST
  57. (Another-"Weekly") A.S.S vs DI BR Scrim- Sunday June 7th 9:00PM EST
  58. (A.S.S) Hosted BR Event! (7pm Eastern) Monday; June 15th 2009 Co-hosted by {UNK}
  59. (A.S.S) vs DI BR/iCTF mixed Scrim- Each & Every Sunday at 9:00PM EASTERN
  60. [uRh] vs (A.S.S)
  61. [uRh] vs (A.S.S) Zark scrim 5 v 5 TDM in UT2004 (07/17/09) 9:00PM Eastern
  62. Match canceled with Rox!
  63. (A.S.S) vs [uRh]
  64. (A.S.S) vs [ARC]?
  65. the Dynasty - BR Scrim