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Tuesday, July 24, 2007, 10:05 pm
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Default New Forum: The Op/Ed Page

The Op/Ed Page

This is the forum for all topics political, religious, or otherwise grave and worldly. To participate, you must "opt in" by requesting membership to the Master Debaters usergroup, available in the Group Memberships section of your User Control Panel page.

Discussion here is expected to be insightful and intelligent, and its participants are expected to exercise thoughtful restraint and constant goodwill toward all other participants, no matter the degree of whatever disputes they may have with that person's views.

This is the only area of the site where non-gaming related material of a potentially flammable nature is allowed. You may intelligently debate any topic here, within reason, but absolutely no content and no disputes or any other ramifications of the exchanges that take place in this forum will be allowed to spill into any other areas of the site.

All other forum rules remain in full effect. In particular, "trolling" posts intended primarily to incite heated responses are strictly prohibited and will be closely monitored.
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