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Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 9:02 pm
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Default [uRh] Dead? I THINK NOT!

I have been hearing alot of ppl say uRh is dead cuz we are seldomly found on any server except COD, and on the 99 servers especially.

So i am trying to get some traffic on our UT servers. Here's the plan:

Thursday Night Frag Fest! Thursdays ( 9 est/8 cst/ 7 kst/ 6 Cali) @ URH Starting July 18th.

I am going to start this out on 99 with Plans to have 2K4 nights too. we're up for any style of game (DM, TDM, Domination, ect.) and we'll try to keep changing things up. Please Come out and we'll show we still have a clan.
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