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Photo Organization? Help?
Thursday, March 10, 2011, 2:04 pm
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Default Photo Organization? Help?

Been taking on the project lately of getting photos organized. I've digitized my old ones (or am in process...). All new photos/videos are all digital.

I'm wondering if anyone has a workflow or organizational scheme that is working well for them.

I personally have gone through a couple iterations of this in the past, and finally relegated to a wait and see approach for tools. That is, I kept organizing and then a newer better tool would come along that would make what I'd done unnecessary. I think the best tech way of saying it, is "technology always rewards the unorganized."

Anyway, I think what is out there currently is good enough to approach this now again. It would seem noone actually seems to be doing it. The dump in a directory/iPhoto/whatever and leave it there approach seems to be the common thread amongst my friends.

So... anyone feel like noting their process... bonus points if it has been working for you for a while... extra bonus points if it includes backup... super bonus points if it is in the Apple ecosphere.

For example, after doing a cursory pass, using iPhoto on a couple hundred photos... I'm having trouble deciding how to organize the main folder "events" window. In iPhoto, you can sort anything by dates (nice date ruler), by person (facial recognition), by Places (GPS and/or map tagging), by plane old tagging (which makes alot of sense). Anyway, the main way for iPhoto seems to be Events... but that doesn't make sense with all the other organizational tags.

That is, say 2010 X-Mas party at Carole's house is the event. Well, with dates, the 2010 is redundant. GPS/map makes Carole's house redundant. Face tagging makes Carole redundant. And frankly, X-Mas party is redundant... why have 50 different x-mas parties in your events folder? Just mucks it up.

Initially, I made X-Mas Party as the "event" folder and dumped all x-mas parties in it. That's what they really are - right? I can use a smart folder if I want to narrow it down in any particular dimension.

Then I started thinking just make a X-Mas folder, and dump everything there. I seem to be going with that as of now. A very generic high level folder that encompasses everything at the EVENT level... then using smart folders/search to find whatever i want, if I'm looking for something specific.

As I write this, I think it is making more sense to me. Even if I just wanted to make a slideshow of old X-Mas stuff... all X-Mas stuff would be wanted... not just 2010 or a specific party.

Anyway... has anyone here taken a stab at this, and come up with something that is working good for you?

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