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Thursday, September 21, 2017, 1:24 pm
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Default TF2 MVM (Mann Vs Machine)

Hey guys.

I've still been playing Team Fortress 2. Not so much for the last month, but what I mean is it's still the game I play most frequently when I play games *(besides Pokemon Go on my iPhone - lol) and I don't think anyone has ever discussed the game within the game that keeps me coming back to it.

The game has different game modes inside it built in to it. Much like how Unreal Tournament has Onslaught/Zark/PIG CTF/Reg CTF/Vehicle CTF and more.
You can have many unique experiences within the same game.

Well in TF2 you have Competitive, You have Leagues like UGC with Seasons of competition, you have community servers that are all different with different mods *(as you all know this one) you have vanilla TF2, surfing, rocket jumping servers etc and a game mode called MVM which is what I play the most.

MVM which stands for Mann versus Machine is your team versus a hoard of robots (ala invasion on UT2004) where you have a team of 6 human players
on red team against an army of blue robots. Some are GIANT, some have medics healing them so they are hard to kill etc.
On your team you need to choose the classes wisely. You need a engineer for ammo and healing, you should have a heavy weapons guy for penetration, a soldier, maybe a sniper, a scout to pick up money that drops from the robots, in some cases a demoman or even a spy depending on the enemy list.
You choose your classes to counter the list of enemies that show before the wave starts. Typically there are 5 to 7 waves to finish a mission.
there are 3 to 6 missions that complete a tour. There varying factor is the skill level and tour. There are many tours to choose from, and range from easy to expert.
It costs money. .99 a ticket. most tours are 3 tickets to complete. Then you have a chance at a valuable prize. A solid gold *(digital) weapon that you can sell for real cash instantly at www.Marketplace.TF and actually make a profit as the weapons (called Austrailium weapons) are worth $18 to $120 each depending on the drop.
Your tours and missions are tracked on badges in your backpack. These can be deleted although there is no reason to do that.
I've done like 412 Tours now which equates to like 1500-1600 or more missions since I started in 2012 (Most done in the last year). It's highly addicting
There is also a free version of this called boot camp but I like to play for the prizes.

I play by sending friend invites to a lobby *(like left4Dead) and play with a full team of experienced players so it's coordinated and fun.
If you get a team of inexperienced players you may find it utterly frustrating and you may not even finish a wave because knowledge is more important than skill knowing the best upgrades to choose.
As the scout picks up money, you get more money to buy better upgrades like firing speed, reload speed, explosive headshots, whatever. there are many upgrades to choose from.

Best played with someone experienced. If anyone ever wants to join a lobby with a good team, hit me up in steam when I'm on in TF2 and I would be glad to "carry you" along and teach you how to properly play it. Otherwise you could get stuck in a no win situation with a horrible team on top of you learning how to play. In which case people can "kick" you and tell you to go to boot camp to learn because everyone involved has paid .99 cents to play this so they don't put up with bad players sometimes.

Okay well that's the game type I play most. I still love the modded low grav TF2 and the vanilla stuff but Mann versus Machine has stolen my heart and I play it a ton.

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